Don't forget our Halloween WOD is this Friday, the Filthy 50/40/30 depending on your level.  Wear a costume you can do burpees or jump rope comfortably with. LADIES NIGHT!!!  April Gillette (6 am class) is [...]

Back to Basics

Let's jump back a few steps and just review some nutrition points to help keep us grounded while we keep working on improving what we eat. First off we have the 3 macro nutrients, proteins, [...]

Pumpkin spice? Or not

Just a little survey for the week, are you a fan of pumpkin spice or is it the worst marketing idea in the world?  Vote on the whiteboard this week and let's see what the [...]

Back To A Full Schedule

Looks like we can plan for a full schedule this week.  I will take on two days a week and see how I manage energy-wise.  This will help give Chelsea and Heidi a break so [...]

End of September

Where did September go?  I know where I spent most of it, in isolation.  But let's get to the good stuff. We have First Friday Fun, Oct 1 this week.  Plan to meet at Snow [...]

Catching Up With You

I've been off the grid for a couple weeks now.  I think I can manage some work on the keyboard without needing a nap.  It's nice to see everyone showing up and hitting the workouts [...]

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