Tips for Thrusters

TIPS & TRICKS FOR MORE EFFICIENT THRUSTERS Copied from Invictus CrossFit Tips & Tricks for More Efficient Thrusters Written by Sage Burgener I like to make it a habit of making everything about me and/or [...]

“Adapt or Die”- from MoneyBall

Your body is an amazing network of systems and workings to protect, heal, grow and move you to keep you alive and healthy.  It constantly reads the signals you are sending it to react, adapt [...]

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a great holiday season and are ready to get back to the gym.  The snow and ice and all mopped up, the temperatures are back to where they should be and [...]

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great workout this morning to celebrate Christmas Eve.  Lots of fun and snacks to top it off.  If you didn't get a CF5x5 Christmas ornament, let me know, I have a few [...]

Christmas Week

Looking forward we have Christmas eve on Friday and Christmas on Saturday.  This puts us a little short of regular classes available to attend this week so I thought I would talk a little about [...]

How is Your Christmas Calendar?

Well, it seems like every December my calendar fills up without me even having to do anything.  Christmas parties, family get togethers, decorating, getting the tree, shopping for more gym clothes, etc.What?!? I'm supposed to [...]

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