5 Quick Tips For Healthy Eating

Surviving the Holidays: 5 Quick Tips for Healthy Eating BY TYRONE HOLMES  from These five, simple strategies will allow you to enjoy your favorite foods of the season—without the holiday weight gain and guilt that [...]

How To Win At Poker

We hit the Poker WOD on a regular basis and there are a few tips that can help you get a few extra cards done during the workout.  Here are a few that I use. [...]

5 Ways for a Healthier Thanksgiving

Here's some guidelines to help you get through not only Thanksgiving but the rest of the holidays, too.  This is from In Shape Magazine Do NOT skip breakfast- no matter how much you're looking forward [...]

Tips To Improve Your Power Clean

Getting that weight up off the floor and receiving it at the shoulders is one of my favorite lifts.  Nothing gets me warmed up, heart pounding and lungs working  better then some clean work.  There [...]

10 Ways to a Better CrossFit Day

Just a few housekeeping items to help everyone have a better experience at the gym.  Some are new, some need to be reviewed. Cheer others on- if you finish the WOD ahead of others you [...]

Improving Your Squat Strength

Here are 6 accessory  moves to help build your squat strength.  Some we incorporate into daily workouts already but if you are wanting to improve your squat strength these are particularly helpful if you add [...]

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