Here Comes the Rain

Well it's doubtful we see another 80 degree day after today until spring so soak it up while it's here.  In the meantime keep working on your lunges every day.  It's the 8th so you [...]

October Lunges

There's a little chill in the mornings now.  Days are getting shorter, nights a little longer.  It's October today.  Time to add another layer of clothes in the morning and maybe another blanket at night. [...]

7 Proteins for Post Workout Meals

Well, the last week of September is coming up.  Fall is here and so is the rain.  Dress according to the weather and plan to run in the rain.  You are Oregonians!  Accept the rain [...]

3 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

If you haven't heard yet my bone marrow transplant has been postponed.  I have a patch of skin cancer on my scalp that needs to be treated before the transplant can take place.  They don't [...]

Our Hidden Power

This is my last week at the gym for a while, like 3 months.  This week will be the regular schedule through Thursday.  Friday will be 5 am and 5:30 pm ONLY.  Saturday will be [...]

Secrets to CrossFit Success

I think I got everyone updated on my schedule last week and then it changed AGAIN.  My bone marrow transplant got pushed back another week to Sept 20th so my last day coaching will be [...]

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