One More Open Workout

I want to thank Chelsea and Heidi and I invite you to join me in this.  They sacrificed a lot while I was gone to bring you a better workout every day.  Be sure to [...]

And the Open Begins

Welcome to the CrossFit Games and the Open workouts.  How many didn't think this looked too bad?  I was fooled, too.  1 arm snatches and burpees combined together tended to sneak up on a lot [...]

OPEN Season

The CrossFit Open is only a few weeks away.  Time to get signed up and work on those weak spots, (goats).  I am the eternal "goat herder" with so many weak spots.  You can prep [...]

Christmas is almost here!!

I thought I should update you on my progress with the bone marrow transplant.  I spent about 3 weeks at OHSU hospital getting the bone marrow transplant and building up an adequate immunity to protect [...]

Setting Up in Portland

We moved into the apartment yesterday and are still getting things worked out.  I actually got the internet to work this morning.  I didn't need to call a 12 year old for help.  Yesterday i [...]

On My Way Out The Door……

As this article says, we are about 100 days out from the CrossFit Open.  I also will be out 100 days from now so here is my 2 cents for you to work on to [...]

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