Well it’s doubtful we see another 80 degree day after today until spring so soak it up while it’s here.  In the meantime keep working on your lunges every day.  It’s the 8th so you should be getting in 24-32-40 lunges today.  If you missed a day be sure to make up for them, don’t just let them go.  This daily progression is going to improve your leg strength, flexibility, balance and determination.  Keep after it.  Hard Work Pays Off.

Halloween is coming up soon.  Work on getting ideas for healthier snacks-  How about raisins or nuts in small packages instead of the candy?  Any other ideas?  on Saturday Oct 28 POKER WOD we will have costumes required or face the burpees.  How great of a costume can you come up with and still work out in.  Jodi came as Nick last year, it was hilarious.

I have new dates for my Bone Marrow Transplant.  My last date at the gym is November 2, I will move to Portland on the 3rd, start chemo from 4th to the 5th and have the bone marrow transplant on November 8.  I will remain in the hospital for 2-4 weeks until my immune system is rebuilt with the new marrow.  I learned they don’t tap the donor until the day before transplant.  So my donor gives his stem cells on the 7th and they fly it overnight from Germany so I get them on the 8th fresh off the plane.  After I get out of the hospital I have to stay within 20 miles of it until 100 days after transplant in case there are rejection issues and they have to react quickly.  That puts me in Portland until mid February.

Here is this week’s schedule-  Monday-Friday 5am, 6 am, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm   Saturday    7 am sharp HERO WOD,  8 am Poker

Here is this week’s workouts-  HERO, POKER, run/pistola, TABATA x 4, handstand pushups/shoulder press, Row/lunge/situp Partners, Clean & jerks/muscle ups


3,2,1 GO!!!