Keep up the great work. I’m so glad to see everyone getting to the gym and pushing themselves. Great job!  Don’t forget this is weigh and measure week.  Keep track of your progress.
Keep in touch with Chelsea and Heidi on the schedule. I’m posting all the scheduled Wods but you will have see what lands on each day.
Monday is the last day of chemo treatment. Then I check into OHSU get the stem cell transplant on Tuesday and am isolated for 2-3 weeks as I build up my immunity again.  Feel good so far.

Home Workouts, Death by 30m, penguins/j jacks/h rocks, squat/run duet, Death by Burpee, squat jump/push-up/sit-up triplet, sit-ups/squat couplet

GYM WODS..Deadlifts, Sit-ups/t2b/wallballs trio, POKER, push jerk/run, EMOM CINDY, Hang Power Snatch

Ask Heidi about her new pet cat!

Have a great week, I miss you guys!