Well the week started out with me finding out my Bone Marrow Transplant is getting delayed from August 22 to early September.  No hard dates but probably around September 12?  Hopefully I found out the date next week and then I have to schedule a handful of tests to prep for it.  EKG, pulmonary test, bone biopsy, etc.  The delay came because the current donor was questionable whether they could provide enough stem cells, no other explanation provided.  The back up donor came from the International Registry so that opens up a whole bunch of questions that can’t be answered due to privacy.  Fun to imagine that it could be anywhere from Guam, to Iceland, to Brazil or ?  Maybe I’ll end up with a French accent?  And just when I thought I was done with the maintenance chemo, now I am back on it.  Maybe just one more time to get me to transplant day.

Yesterday was pretty exciting with the field fire.  About 3 pm I looked out my front window and saw the smoke cloud from the middle of the field.  The fire hadn’t got big yet and I was ready to call 911 when I saw the first fire truck arrive.  Then I just watched it grew and more units arrived.  It was shocking to see the road completely enveloped in smoke and people just kept driving into it.  At one point the fire jumped the road to my side of the road and would have got to another wheat field but the firefighters were quick to extinguish that.  All the wheat fields had been harvested earlier this week so no lose there.  They were swathing the field when the fire started behind the swather somehow.  The fire came right up to gym and burned around it so you will see where it was.

Mark your calendar for Thursday August 10th at 6:30 to meet at Snow Peak Brewery for round of drinks and/or dinner.  We haven’t gotten together in a while so try to make it.  Drinks are on me!!

Schedule for the week-  Monday-Friday 5am, 6am, 4:30 pm, 5:30 pm.  Saturday  HERO WOD at 7 am SHARP, POKER WOD AT 8 AM

WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK- HERO AND POKER WOD, DEATH BY 30M, Goblet squat/situp/pushup/box jump/pullup/burpee session, push press/T2B/Run, wall balls/kb swing/rope and THRUSTERS



3,2,1 GO!!!