It’s time to get your Halloween costume ready.  This Saturday the Poker WOD will include your favorite costume.  Pick wisely so you can manage to move freely in your outfit and still get a run, burpee or pullup done while keeping your witch’s hat on.  On the same topic the gym will be closed Halloween night, Tuesday Oct 31 so everyone can enjoy the festivities with family and friends.

We are moving into cold and flu (and COVID) season.  Please be aware of wiping down equipment and using hand sanitizer on a regular basis.  Also if you are showing signs of illness use good judgement and isolate yourself.  We all need to look out for each other and if you need to stay home and recover you can still get some home movement done and get a workout in until you return refreshed, healthy and ready to go.  Thanks.

Keep up on your lunges, we have less then 10 days to go on the monthly challenge and this will be a big week to really get those legs ready for the 400m challenge.  Whether you are doing 3,4 or 5 more every day you can prepare for the challenge by staying vigilant on the daily increase this week.  If you haven’t started you can still help yourself by doing what you can this week to increase your lunge capacity.  Stay focused and keep up those good habits.  Hard Work Pays Off.



  1.  Skill Work–  Pick 1-2 skills you suck at and dedicate 15 minutes each to them 2-3 times per week.  Practice with purpose and commit to them for 8 weeks  When you have mastered those move on to the next 1-2 skills.     How many movements could you be crushing in time for the start of the Open?
  2. Get In Shape–    Dial in your nutrition according to your goals.  Gymnastics become a whole lot easier without carrying excess fat and barbells become easier to shift with a bit of extra muscle.      How could you tweak your body composition between now and the Open to improve your performance?
  3. Be Unprepared!!–     Stop looking at your class workouts in advance.  Get used to feeling unprepared for what’s coming!     It’s  a small flex but it will ease the anxiety when it happens during the Open!!
  4. Choose Wisely—-   Don’t try to work on everything all at once or you’ll make little progress in anything.  Pick your lowest hanging fruit- the parts of your game that can be most easily improved with the biggest impact.        Often your low hanging fruit has a knack of affecting the rest of your performance, so tackle that FIRST!!
  5. Have a Plan–    Random practice = unpredictable results.  Follow a program that keeps your goals in mind and progresses you step by step.          How can you stay focused and practice intentionally?


SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK- Monday – Friday 5 am, 6 am, 4:30 pm 5:30 pm  SATURDAY HALLOWEEN POKER WOD 8 AM

WORKOUTS FOR THE WEEK=  DAILY LUNGES, RUN/DEADLIFT, Cleans/muscle up/jump rope/press grinder, situp/run duo, SNATCH, ROWING, POKER


3,2,1 GO!!!