The gym will be closed Saturday, Sunday and Monday for Memorial Day.  Classes will start up Tuesday morning.

Next Saturday June 1 the gym will also be closed so we can support the Santiam Hospital Fundraiser 3k/5k/10k run and 5k walk.  Get signed up and I will see you there.

June is coming up so expect to weigh and measure the first of the month.  June is also going to be PUSHUP month so think about the goal you want to work on with pushups.  You can start with small reps and increase the volume daily or pledge to do multiple sets and reps on a regular basis throughout the month.  Either way will help you gain strength and stamina with this basic move.  Be sure to work on good form.  Keep the elbows in by the ribs and lower your chest to the ground on every rep you can do.  You may not be able to do them right away but with regular work you will start seeing progress and improve on your baseline.  Small steps add up over time and Hard Work Pays Off.

Schedule for next week  Tuesday-Friday 5am, 6 am, 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm   Hospital Run at 8:30 am Saturday June 1

Workouts next week-  BACK SQUAT, FRAN, Run/pushup/snatch triplet and run/situp duet.

Have a great weekend

See you at the gym!!

3,2,1 GO!